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【AG体育注册】WhatsApp CEO 并购后继续保持独立
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AG体育注册-what makes facebooks $ 19 billion purchase of WhatsApp all the more intriguing is the contrast between the two companies founders . Facebook两家公司创始人Jan koum,Whatsapp S Co-founder and chief executive,HAS resisted Advertising and built A mobile service that makes Money from 99-centFacebook的扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)开创了网络广告的新模式,应该根据用户的关心和关系,有针对性地投放广告。these differences have been a continual topic of discussion for the two men as they developed a friendship over the past two years and ultimately negot这种差异仍然是两人之间的大争论,他们在过去两年里建立了友谊,最后在谈判中达成了前述交易。这次交易不足以使他沦为亿万富翁,并将共55名职员的初创企业归类为名为Facebook的社交网络服务(Facebook)。

in an interview thurs day with the wall street journal-his first since the deal was announced-Mr . koum said Mr . zuckerbergs Operating and周四,Cum说服WhatsApp出售的最后一个重要变化是,扎克伯格明确提出WhatsApp作为独立国家业务运营,保持没有内置广告的模式。威廉莎士比亚、WhatsApp、Whatsapp、Whatsapp)库姆指出,今后Whatsapp将作为Facebook的实体分开运营,随着Facebook的蓬勃发展,帮助构建收益来源的多样性。below are edited excerpts of the interview with Mr . koum 3360以下是编辑过的采访内容。wsj : what have the past 24 hours been like?《华尔街日报》:过去24小时心情怎么样?koum : pretty amazing先生。


to say that were excited and humbled at the same time would be an under statement。库姆:太棒了!兴奋和荣耀足以传达我们现在的心情。mark[juckerg]Stopped by the office yester day after the announcement . we thought it would be good for him to stop by the office and answer any question交易公布后,马克(扎克伯格)周三访问了我们的办公室。

这次访问非常好,他询问了职员们可以明确提出的任何问题,并引起了团队的担忧,以使WhatsApp维持自己的独立国家运营。马克说,考虑到WhatsApp已经取得的成就,他最不想做的事情之一就是妨碍WhatsApp的繁荣。 wsj : you have said repeatedly that you want to build an independent business . how did Mr . Zuckerberg finally change your mind?《华尔街日报》:你答应过要建立独立的国家事业,扎克伯格是怎么改变你的想法的?Mr . koum : it was very difficult for him to find a good way that would make us be interested in a conversation。but as We got to know each other We got to respect each other more and more over the years . once he made it very clear that they are committed to not make channel库姆:对马克来说是为了我们,但我们认识彼此后,过去几年里我们对彼此越来越有同感。


马克正确地指出Facebook不会引入广告转换或扰乱用户体验后,我们之间展开对话的想法显得很有趣。(威廉莎士比亚、Facebook、广告名言)(mark proposed something very interesting two weeks ago,Where positioned it more as a para)。两周前马克是Wsj 3360 what do you have in common with Mr . Zuckerberg?《华尔街日报》:和扎克伯格有什么共同点?Mr . koum : we have a shared mission of connecting the world and making it more open . obviously,what we do is communication,Which is partthe way he thinks about it is almost the same way that I think about it。



他对这个问题的意识和我一样。wsj : where do you think whatsapp fits into facebooks broader plans for growth?《华尔街日报》:能指出WhatsApp在Facebook宏伟的快速增长计划中如何找到自己的方向吗?koum : mark deserves a lot of credit for realizing that its good to have different business models in your company . if you look at firms Neral eal库姆:想想通用电气和其他大公司,你不会知道他们只能做一件事。(Thomas A . Edison,工作)他们不会为了建立多种收益来源而做很多工作。但是今天早上我在想为什么20世纪90年代末只专注跑车事业的保时捷(Porsche)跳进了运动型多功能车(SUV)、轿车和其他各种车型。

因为工作多样性是一件好事。were actually making this business stronger by bringing in yet another type of revenue stream in the future Wsj 3360 you are taking a seat on facebooks《华尔街日报》:你将重新加入Facebook董事会。这是你或扎克伯格的主意吗?汤姆: it was all his idea。库姆:这几乎是他的主意。

wsj : now that you have a board seat,do you want to push for changes at this company and be a voice for protecting privacy and user data?《华尔街日报》:既然在董事会有了一席之地,你想推动这个公司的变化,并就隐私和用户数据保护等问题公开发表自己的观点吗?Mr. Koum: To be fair to Mark,I dont understand a wholelot about facebooks internal metrics and statistics and how the company works and diffhe still insisted that I join the board and help him with decisions,which is very flattering。库姆:老实说,关于Facebook的内部指标和统计数据,我把这一情况告诉了他,但他仍然坚定地决心让我重新加入董事会,帮助他做出决定,这是对我的极大称赞。


I think I will always have my opinions and philosophy,which I will share with him . but for the next few months or few years my focus will be on whah,但是在接下来的几天里wsj : what will determine the success of this deal in the coming years?《华尔街日报》:要求这笔交易在未来几年顺利进行的因素是什么?Mr.koum : for us,its about staying independent . its ABOUt staying autonomous,As was discussed and announced during the deal . and its also about growing . We still have a mission . We still need to get to a正如我们在交易协商和宣判时特别强调的那样。同时,这件事关系到我们的繁荣。




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